Foundations of our Faith—Jesus Rose From the Dead

The other day  I was been busy dong something, very absorbed in thought and when I looked up realized that Sherry was right beside me. You have had those startling moments I’m sure. This Easter Sunday we are studying the Resurrection narratives recorded in Matthew 27-28 and Luke’s account of the Emmaus walk. it was a truly a startling event that continues to awaken people today about eternal life.

The disciples and Jesus’ other followers were so grief stricken and frightened that they did not remember His words of return. And so they were filled with “fear and great joy” and their hearts were set “abaze” within them when He revealed Himself.


They were in such deep reflection and mourning were surprised to see Jesus The idea of someone dying and then coming back to life was as foreign to them as it still is today to those who have not accepted Christ. Jesus appearance’s on that Sunday morning and His appearances over the next 40 days to over 500 people proves that His resurrection was real.


Study these passages and be ready to share and celebrate what the Risen Lord is doing in your life this week in our Sunday Morning Bible Study at 10:15 a.m.

Things to Think About and Ponder:

When has Jesus surprised you with His presence?

The sealed tomb and stone could have been an obstacle for the women. When has God removed obstacles in your life?

Jesus is constantly walking with us and yet we don’t recognize Him. How can you be more alert to His presence in your life?

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