Foundations of Our Faith–Jesus Died for Our Sins

We take so much for granted. We listen to someone and assume we know what they said when they meant something else. We see things in different ways and expect others to share our view. We think that everyone thinks like us.

The same can be true with Biblical Truth. Our response is “well I have heard that before or this is what I someone told me it meant.” Throughout April we are reviewing the foundations of our faith as we look at the final hours of Jesus, His Resurrection, how He works through the church and the fact that He is coming again.

This Sunday our focus is Matthew 26 & 27 and includes the Last Supper, the Garden of Gethsemane prayer time and the final moments of His death on the cross. Each passage of Scripture is filled with theology, insight and application. I encourage you to use your member’s book for additional information as you read and re-read the passage in your Bible. Then you will be ready to discuss, learn, share and apply the passage to your life and perhaps help others in their quest for Truth.

This Sunday we observe the Lord’s Supper. I pray that it will truly be a worshipful experience for you and your loved ones.


Things to Think About and Ponder:

What 1 or 2 things can you do to keep the Easter narratives fresh in your heart?
Ask God to show you something you have not seen or thought about before in this passage. Do you think He will?
What do you think the disciples thought the night Jesus celebrated the Passover with them? How did it change their lives when they realized it was the “Last Supper”?

Do you pray about the big decisions in your life like Jesus did in the garden?

The crucifixion was a horrible death. Your sins are forgiven because of Jesus death. Have you accepted that fact and th

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