Worship: The Psalms-I Thank You

Think and Thank. You know there is only one letter difference in these words. All you got to do is replace the “i”. If you think, you will thank!


Psalm 107 is about thanking God as an act of our worship and is an excellent passage to end our study of the worship psalms in our Sunday Morning Bible Study. The writer instructs us to give thanks to God for His faithful love and his wonderful works. He has redeemed us, meaning that we have been bought and paid for. His death on the cross did that! His resurrection demonstrates the ultimate reversal of death back to life. The idea that God reverses our circumstances is also a theme in this passage.


As people of God we are instructed to share the faithful love of God. We can demonstrate it as well as talk about it to unbelievers and  believers. We can thank God for His care for our lives. The psalmist indicates that God cares about those who are wandering through life, or imprisoned in some way, or have health concerns or who are in the middle of a storm.


Whatever you are experiencing, give thanks to God. He is the “Great Reverser” in our lives. He turns our dry times into well springs of life. He reverses the plight of the needy and creates blessings for those who are suffering. The pslamist declares that the wise person will recognize these acts of God’s love and give thanks.  Be wise this Sunday and join your group for Bible Study and encouragement.


Things to Think About and Ponder:

Name three people for whom you are thankful. Now name three things.

Psalm 107:2 says we are to proclaim that God has redeemed us. Who can you tell?
God’s faithful love and wonderful works are key components of this psalm. How are the two intertwined in your life?
What do you want God to reverse in your life? What can He do? What can you do?

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