Worship: The Psalms–I Call on You

Our preschool teachers do a wonderful job of leaning down to listen to the little boys and girls as they come to Sunday School. That same image comes to mind when David in Psalm 86 calls upon God to literally “bow down thy ear”. The psalmist feels so low that he asks God to be ever listening to his prayer of petition, praise and lament.

David, like many of us sometimes do, feels distressed by his situation. “Arrogant and ruthless people” are after him and he feels so low. But in his “poor and needy” circumstances, David is reminded of just how great and wonderful God is.

“You are kind, ready to forgive, abundant in faithful love” are some of the descriptors David uses in addressing the attributes of God. “You alone are God” he proclaims and you will “help and comfort me”.

As you can see, a lot of our ideas about God come from these writings. His compassion and strength, as well as His concern for the individual is clear from David’s prayer in Psalm 86.

Like David we should ask God for an undivided mind (or heart) so that we may learn the ways of God. I hope that you will be in attendance at our weekly Sunday Morning Bible Study at 10:15 a.m. with an open heart to the Word and the things of the Lord.

Things to Think About and Ponder:

Do you picture God as a loving Father who gives a listening ear to your prayers?

“Son of God, have mercy on me” is known as a breath prayer and has been quoted for centuries. Do you have a prayer phrase you repeat often?

Faithful love (Hebrew word is hesed or chesed) is a consistent characteristic of God. Describe a time when His faithful love surrounded you!
In verse 16, David asks for God’s strength. What is the difference between asking God to give you strength and giving you His strength?

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