Worship: The Psalms– I Long for You

Remember that special time of worship where you experienced the presence of God like no other time. Perhaps it was in your regular seating area in the auditorium and it was last Sunday, or maybe it was a special event or camp. Or perhaps your memorable encounter occurred when there was so much going on in your life that you needed a “word from God” just to survive. The worship of God should happen anywhere and every time we encounter Him!

“I long for You” is the title of our first lesson about worship based on various Psalms. As we examine Psalms 42-43 this week, we discover a person similar to ourselves who was seeking after God. The psalmist is far away from the temple and he finds himself depressed and thirsting for the things of the Lord. His tears have become like food to him and the deep troubles of his life are like the crashing waterfalls that he is around. He is taunted by unbelievers and longs to return to the place of God.

Amidst his circumstances the writer does remember who God is and how He has shown Himself to him. He knows the Lord will send His faithful love, light, and truth and so his hope and faith swell within Him.


This passage is so rich in both imagery and reality. The symbolism as well as the depressed state of mind can resonate with the reader. It is clear that he and us need God in our lives. The psalmist reminds us three 3 times to  “put your hope in God, for I will still praise Him.” Read through this Psalm several times and look in your member’s book for additional insights. Come prepared Sunday to engage your mind and heart in Bible Study with others.

Things to Think About and Ponder:

Recall when you were desperate for the things of God? Who do you know that seems this way now? Maybe they know God…maybe they are seeking?

Depression is part of our experience. How does God help you when you are feeling low?

The writer remembers songs at night. Hum a tune that means a lot to you.

Are you hungry and thirsty for righteousness?

The Holy Spirit dwells within every believer enabling us to worship anywhere. Why is it important though to worship with others as the church?

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