Christ the Center of Our Belief

Mixed up! That is where a lot of people and the culture is with their belief system. You see it on television and you hear it said in conversations that it doesn’t matter what you believe or who you believe in. A bumper sticker I see frequently say “coexist”. In our world today with its many influences, we have to be careful to not mix opinions, or political correctness, or other religious traditions into our Christology.
In this Sunday’s passage in Colossians 2:8-23, Paul continues to warn us against being taken captive by various proponents or even deviations of truth in light of the real Truth, Jesus Christ. Throughout history and cultures we see how man wants to reshape or integrate various alternatives to faith, even the Christian faith.
Sometimes traditions or rituals make us drift away from our Christ-centric beliefs. Other times a new philosophy or popular teaching erodes our beliefs. All of this can happen when we do not study the Word, pray in faith, and find the support of the community of other believers.
Jesus has changed our hearts. He has brought forgiveness and grace to our lives. He did this through His incarnation, His death on the cross and His resurrection. Jesus is God. He is who He says He is… and He does what He says He will do. Reexamine and reaffirm your faith and make sure that your heart, eyes, mind and soul are all centered on Jesus Christ.

Things to Think About and Ponder:

Recall a tv program or conversation that watered down Christianity? What was a appropriate response you made or could have made?

What happens to some believers when they do not have a firm foundation in the Word?

How can you encourage someone who may be drifting away or being drawn toward a cultish religion? What can you do or say? How can you  pray?

What are you doing each day to keep Christ as the center of your belief system?

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