Christ The Center of Everything

Do you know people who think that the world revolves around them? You probably do and in some instances you probably thought that about yourself. Life gets complicated with a million things coming at us from every direction. It is easy to get off balance and to wobble through. But there is is hope and order!
Paul’s letter to the church in Colossae has a underlying theme in it of Christ being the center of all that we are and do. The Word of God is  phenomenal in that it says that Christ holds every part of the universe together from stars/galaxies to the smallest cell. In fact, Paul  was unaware of what tremendous impact his words carry in light of modern day science.

I hope you are present every Sunday in February as we see how Christ holds our lives together as well as being the central figure of our belief and value system. The book of Colossians is rich in theology and application. Our lives and church will be impacted. Indeed Christ is the Center!

Things to Think About and Ponder:

Look at the night sky and think about how vast the universe is and how God created it.

The Greek word “eikon” (icon) is used to describe the historical Jesus as the exact representation of God. Give some thought to how icons work on your desktop.
Being centered is a phrase we use. What would your life look like centered in Christ? Are you centered now? Word a prayer that would move you to the center of His will.

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