Going Right in a Culture Gone Wrong

I just read a twitter post from a guy who is compiling his reading list of 100 books for 2012. I know that studying the Bible daily is on his list. As Christians we have the Word of God to help us every day. I encourage you in 2012 to make that the focus of your daily reading as you have a daily time with God. At Summerville Baptist we put a high priority on the study of the Bible. Ninety nine per cent of our members are in Sunday School in addition to many, many others who are seeking God and a compatible Body of Christ.

Well trained and prepared teachers share each week helping people of every age from babies to adults learn and engage in the Word. Preschoolers are learning foundational truths that help them in their development. Children are taught with appropriate methods for their age that help them to internalize the Truth of God’s Word. Youth are presented with passages that continue to help them to see that God loves them and is walking with them in their daily lives. Adults, like the others, have commentaries to help them to think and process Scripture passages during the week so on Sundays they can discuss with others the meaning and personal application of the Word for life.

In January, adults are focusing on how Christ shapes our values to help us live in this “fast food frenzy” of a world where opinion reigns and culture change comes from sponsors.  I hope you will bring your family to Sunday School and worship this week and that it will be a habit for you in 2012.

Things to Think About and Ponder:

Do you  know God’s purpose for your life?
How important is the Bible in discovering that purpose?
Recall a time when God spoke to you in His Word?
How can you make His Word a priority in your life?

What habits do you need to make (or break) to make Bible Study a focus in 2012?

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