The Incarnation

Have you ever wondered why certain things happen to you? We all have and it usually ends up in one or two ways. Perhaps you began thinking that God is like a puppet-master pulling strings to make your life happy or miserable. Or maybe you did not even consider God to be remotely involved with what was going on in your life.

Either way can be dangerous and would be inaccurate of God’s involvement with humanity. In our Sunday Morning Bible Study on the Incarnation of Christ, we see how God is involved in circumstances both from Joseph’s perspective (Matthew 1) and from Mary’s view (Luke 1).

A main theme in both passages is that the Holy Spirit is communicating with two people who were to parent the Christ-Child. Joseph is described as a thoughtful considerate man who was open to God even when love seemed to be slipping away from him. Mary also was willing to listen and to obey the Spirit of God as she understood and accepted her favored position.

Another key nugget in our study is the idea of questions vs questioning. Mary asked questions of God trying to understand, unlike many including Zechariah, father of John the Baptist, who was questioning God, thus putting himself on equal terms.

As you study this Christmas passage I encourage you to read it slowly and imagine the emotion, the fright, the obedience and the hope that both Joseph and Mary experienced. I believe that you will discover too that God is interactive with each of us, respecting our free will and all the while desiring the best for you and me.

Things to Think About and Ponder:
How would you feel if you were Joseph?
How would you feel if you were Mary?
Has God ever asked you to do something impossible? Did you rise to the occasion or pass on the opportunity?
The Holy Spirit is viewed in Judeo/Christian thought as “creating”. What is the Holy Spirit creating within or around you?
Can you say with Mary “may it be to me according to Your Word”? 

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