The Gift of the Incarantion

Christmas is quickly approaching with all its splendor and festivities. Homes are being decorated and gifts are being purchased as we all prepare for this special holiday. I pray and hope that you will enjoy this Christmas season and will keep perspectives as well as a sense of joy in your heart and actions.

In our  Sunday  Morning Bible Study groups we are focusing on God’s Gift to us…which is salvation because of the grace of God. This salvation is all because God became man and as John 1 states “took up residence among us”. The Prologue, as this is called, reads much like Genesis 1. John eloquently speaks of the Incarnation which is a mystery for all and yet becomes extremely clear to the Believer.

Let me share a few facts. Christianity is a monotheistic faith. There is one God. We believe in the Trinity which helps us understand God as He reveals Himself as the Spirit, the historical Jesus, and as Father. Jesus put a “face” on God so we could understand His nature and His love. God has chosen to reveal Himself in a familial way so we could understand the Trinity better.

In our study this week, John makes it clear that Jesus is the Creator…He is God. And somehow, God divested Himself of all His heavenly glory and became a man (a baby) so that we would be able to comprehend His love for each of us (see Philippians 2 which is called the Kenosis passage.)

Things to Think About and Ponder:

What do you think John 1:10 means where it states the world was “created through Him (Jesus)”?

Some believe that Jesus is a second god figure. How could you enlighten them.

Others believe that Jesus was a man who became a god? How would you share who Jesus is to them?
It is all about what you believe about Jesus. Who is He? What did He do? Do you believe in Him and have you received the love of God and His salvation?

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