God’s Perspective

Last week, I talked to a man who writes poetry as well as books. He actually gave me a copy of a book he wrote for children. Later that week, I talked with someone who has written articles for several magazines and was launching her own magazine in 2012. Both of these people express themselves through writing and appreciate the writings of others as well.

I know you will embrace our passage this week in Deuteronomy 32 which is known as the “song of Moses”. While he wrote historical and legal information, Moses was also a song writer sharing information from and about God to the Israelites and to us. In this passage he writes (or sings) about attributes of God, Israel’s response, and concludes with verses about God’s compassion. It really is a good read…or song….if I only knew the tune!

Have you ever made up a song for God? Or do you have some favorite hymns/spiritual songs that you sing or listen to? What characteristics of God do they remind you of? The Bible says that God sings over us and that He loves us beyond our comprehension. As we observe these days of Thanksgiving and ready ourselves for the Christmas season, may we be reminded of all that Jesus has done in our lives and that He is to be praised by our songs and our actions.

Things to Think About and Ponder:
Think about songs that resonate with you about God.
If you were writing a song or poem, which attributes of God would you include?
The Israelites vacillated back and forth in their obedience to God. What can we learn from them? What can we learn from how God responds to them?
How does God see you? How do you see God?

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