God’s Calling

This month we begin a biographical study of Moses. We will be hitting some of the high points of his life to discover how he followed God and led others to the promises of God.

Our first highlight is the direct call of Moses by God. We all use the phrase “a burning bush” referring to this passage in Exodus 3 where Moses had a theophany experience. Evidently bushes do catch fire in the hot desert, but Moses was the only human to hear God speak to him through such an incident.

God called Moses name, twice! Moses actually heard God speak and responded “here I am”. From there they had a conversation in which God reminded Moses of His holiness and Moses told God of his inability to carry out God’s request. As the story unfolds, we know that Moses consented and obeyed Almighty God. Because of Moses obedience, reluctant as it was, lives were changed, generations received blessings and history was rewritten.

I pray that you and God speak to one another. Of course God speaks through His Word, through the Holy Spirit, through other Christians and yes, through nature. He reveals Himself to each of us through general and specific revelation. Our choice is to have listening ears, a willing heart and the follow through to accomplish His will as we “walk toward the promised land.”

Things to Think About and Ponder:
Do you hear from God every day? How does He speak to you?
Have there been some special times when you knew God was speaking directly to you?
God told Moses that he was standing on holy ground. How can we acknowledge the holiness of God?
Moses made 5 excuses as to why he should not follow the Lord’s instructions. Do you have any excuses that are keeping you from experiencing the will of God

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