The Miracles—Feeding of the Multitudes

I was getting hungry along with others in our group of men. We were wondering how in the world we were going to get some lunch. And then the announcement came that lunch would be at the doors as we exited the arena. As 10-15,000 men filed out the building, packed lunches were waiting for us. Within 30 minutes thousands were being served lunch.

While I thought this was a miracle at Promise Keepers in its own right, it doesn’t compare to what Jesus did. He took one little boy’s lunch and multiplied it for the multitudes. The Bible reports that 5,000 men ate with estimates of another 15,000 women and children present.

As we study this passage in John 6 this Sunday, we see both the historical event and the theological implications. John, the Gospel writer, wants the reader to know that Jesus is God, the Incarnate One,and is both divine and human. He colors this passage in light of the Passover with references to Moses, manna and ultimately quotes Jesus when He speaks of being the Bread of Life.

The people of Christ’s time (and ours) are wanting a miracle. But even when the signs are clear they still asked for too little. Jesus told them (and us) that He is far more than someone who provides food. He is the Savior. Jesus does provide for our daily bread but He also offers us salvation and an opportunity to eat at the heavenly banquet table.  “This is the work of God: that you believe in the One He has sent. I am the Bread of Life” John 6: 29 & 38.

Things to Think About and Ponder:
The boy had something to give. What are you offering to Jesus?
Jesus takes us as we are and changes us. How is He changing you? Is He multiplying you?  Is He using you to “feed” people?
Imagine the laughter and joy as people shared the food that Jesus provided with their neighbor. When was the last time you felt blessed by sharing?
Verse 37 speaks of eternal security for the believer. Again in verse 47 Jesus speaks of the Christian having eternal life with Him. How can these verses change your perspective or help someone you know?

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