The Miracles–Wholeness Restored

“You believe that God is one; you do well. The demons also believe and they shudder.”James 2:19

Legion was the man’s name. At least that was what he called himself in the state he was in. Tormented by many demons he spoke in plural terms, but sometimes he spoke in the singular. This man from this Greek settled area of Palestine now exhibited uncontrollable behavior, yelling, masochism, and was ostracized by his community. His home was the tombs by the lake in the caves meant for the deceased.

That night Jesus crossed over the previously stormy lake and  landed on his shore line. Recognizing the authority of Jesus and proclaiming his God-Head, the demons of Legion begged for mercy. Jesus did have mercy and deliverance for it is the “Truth that sets us free.” Jesus calms both the storm on the lake and the storm in this man’s life.

Evil does exist and people are possessed and others oppressed by Satan. This is something that cannot be explained away psychologically. Demons (fallen angels)  plague mankind currently and have throughout history. But Jesus can break this bondage and restore people miraculously!

CS Lewis states that two equal and opposite error occur when we disbelieve in the existence of demons and when we go to the other extreme and have an unhealthy interest in them. As we study this Sunday in Mark 5, let’s think about the evil that we see and how we can be means by which people are free from this bondage and brought back into life/wholeness within the community and the Life in Jesus Christ.

Things to Think About and Ponder:
Who do you know whose name may be lonely, ashamed, guilty etc?

What is the difference between mental illness and demon possession? How can Christ work in both situations?

How can you personally combat evil in the world today? Who can you join to help eradicate evil practices and people.

The man returned to his community and shared His story. The impact was tremendous as recorded in the Bible and ancient history. Do you think your story of knowing Jesus can change history? can change a life?

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