The Miracles—Jesus’ Glory Revealed

Sherry and I enjoy watching America’s Funniest Videos. We all have seen the marriage segments where something crazy funny happens. Cake goes everywhere, someone crashes while dancing, people fainting… all caught on tape for America to see.

Sometimes things happen at weddings that are not funny. Such was the case in John 2, our passage for Sunday Morning Bible Study (10:15 a.m.) Jesus and His disciples were at a wedding feast when his mother, Mary, informs Him that there was no more wine to serve the guests. In those days, the wedding celebration lasted all week and so running out of food would be very embarrassing, as it would be today.

Jesus performed his first recorded miracle (according to John the Gospel writer) by molecularly changing one substance to another. Note that He did not draw attention to Himself. But John writes how this was the first sign (miracle) that displayed the Glory of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

John uses such finesse in his Gospel. His main purpose is to show both the Jewish reader as well as the Greek reader that Jesus IS God. The Jewish reader would take focus on the six water jars used for purification as representing the imperfect Law and that Jesus is new wine of the Gospel of Grace. The Greek reader would understand that the Greek wine gods are unreal and their myths pale in light of the Living GOD, Jesus Christ.  We read it and wonder about the comment to his mother because our English translations and our cultural biases hinder us from seeing the conversation as an exchange of endearment. But the reader of any time and of any culture can clearly see that Jesus can perform miracles in marriage, is who He says He is, cares about the details, and that His Glory is evident if we just open our eyes to see Him.

Things to Think About and Ponder:
Recall some event where you saw the Glory of Jesus shine through.

What does this passage say about Jesus’ involvement in your marriage?

Do you think He cares about the details of our life?

Mary told the servants to “Do whatever He tells you.” They did. Do you?

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