Go and Tell…Come and See

John the Gospel writer makes it sound so simple. Maybe it is, but we add on all these expectations and trappings. I’m talking about telling people about Jesus!

In John 1, we read about Jesus encountering his disciples. Some sought him out while others found him. Some were not expecting this new found friendship while others were seeking God.

I think about how the Great Commission tells us to “go” into all the world and share the salvation news of Christ. Conversely, this passage has phraseology like “come and see” which is an invitation to join the inviter. Both concepts are spot on with what it is really like as we speak of faith issues to our family and friends.

Sometimes we have to be willing to speak “Truth” into the lives of people. Other times we need to invite them to church or to an event (think Sunday School orCourageous the movie) so they can “see” and uncover the Truth of Christ.

Either way works as long as people experience Jesus.

Things to Think About and Ponder:Who are some people that helped you to see Jesus?
Is inviting people to see Jesus a habitual action in your life?Who is influencing you or your children in spiritual matters?
When you are sharing your story of faith, is the emphasis on you, your past, the church, or who Jesus is?
Sometimes we invite people to church (which we should) but maybe we should be inviting them to know Christ.    





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