Balanced and Abundant—Grow

September 11 brings a lot to mind. We all remember the day vividly. This Sunday we are having a special worship service at 10:30 a.m. as we honor our first responders.  Sunday School begins at 9:11 a.m. followed by worship at 10:30 a.m.

Some of the reasons 9/11 occurred is fanaticism and lack of knowledge. Years ago I heard the president of the International Mission Board tell how the atheistic Soviets had squashed all the theological institutions across the countries that border it to the south especially Afghanistan. Mullahs rose up in the 90’s who did not know the Koran and they spoke with young men who were ignorant about their faith. Inflammatory rhetoric and hatred filled their hearts towards others including America. In essence, religious ignorance became a problem and contributes greatly to the generational conflict in those countries.

In our Bible Study for Sunday, Paul tells Timothy in 2 Timothy 3 to watch out for false teachers, to model after him and to continue in the Word. False religions prevail throughout the entire world then and now. These religions have wrecked cultures, brought starvation, ruined national economies and blinded the masses. On the other hand Christianity frees people, provides for basic necessities, builds up nations and brings salvation and the promise of Heaven through Jesus Christ.

Now more than ever, Christians need to live by the Word of God. We do not need to be ignorant of the Scriptures or apathetic towards them. I am glad that SBC is a teaching church where the Bible is taught, Jesus is worshiped and people are equipped to live the abundant life. I hope you will take full advantage of all that is offered at SBC and that this generation of “9/11’ers” will put Christ first in our lives on a daily basis, lest we be taken in by false religions.

Things to Think About and Ponder:
Do you think our culture is Biblically knowledgeable or illiterate?

How could Christians influence and change the culture?

Bible study should be a daily experience for Believers. What can you do to make sure that habit is practiced in your life?

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