Balanced and Abundant—Connect

People go to the gym to stay healthy. People also go to church to get healthy. At the gym, you may do chest exercises but you follow up with back exercises. The triceps need to be worked just like the biceps. In other words, your exercise routine should be a balanced approach to your entire body. Some often over develop their muscles while others under develop. Every muscle is important, the bigger ones and the smaller ones.

Every Christian is important!  You may or may not feel like it sometimes but you are. Paul, in 1 Corinthians 12, paints a metaphor of the church as a body. Each part is unique, each part functions and each part is important to the other parts.

Have you ever thought about your significance to the Body? Without you, the church is not complete. Without you, the church cannot accomplish the mission that Jesus gives to “go into all the world”. YOU are important!

This Labor Day Sunday, commit yourself to work for the good of the Body of Christ. Pray today for the church, those in your Sunday School class, and for people you would like to invite or see attend.

Things to Think About and Ponder:

Think about how well your body is working for you and how you may take it for granted. Now think about times when you had some aches or were ill and how that affected you.

What other metaphors could describe the church?

Are you staying spiritually healthy so our church will be healthy?

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