Build Up Another

Criticism. That is something we all know about and we all have been on both ends of it. Well, what does the Bible say about it?

In Sunday Morning Bible Study we are examining passages from James 4 and Romans 14. James in his writings is adamant when he says “don’t criticize one another”. Paul, in Romans 14, speaks in terms of accepting one another and allowing others to have their views without our comments. Interestingly, he says that we are accept those who are weak in faith. One interpretation is to accept those who have a certain view or a narrow view if contrary to your own. Paul did not want the early Christians criticizing one another on issues that were really a matter of opinion or conscience.

Having a critical heart (mouth) can be a matter of personality, hurtful pain, or a sense of self-righteousness, among other reasons. I believe that the Holy Spirit can help us guard our speech and our attitudes. Techniques including daily prayer, thinking before we speak, listening more, understanding various points of view, redirecting our thoughts, deep relaxing breaths are some of the ways we can keep from being critical.

Instead we should always be looking for ways to encourage someone, to edify them and to champion their worth. Let’s all strive to allow Jesus to control our actions, our speech and our attitudes. Try it this week and see if your relationships and outlook on life changes for the better.

Things to Think About and Ponder:

Judgment-Criticism-Confrontation. These are 3 issues that arise out of this study. What is the difference? Should a Christian judge, criticize or confront?

Is there such a thing as “constructive criticism.” Who is it constructive for? How do you measure it?
What are some phrases or communication skills you employ when talking with someone you want to help?
How do you like for people to let you know if you don’t meet their expectations?
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