Forgive One Another

This month we are looking at Scripture that has the words/context of “one anothering”. Our focus this week is forgiveness, which is one of the hardest behaviors/attitudes that we are asked to do?

We all have had people say or do mean things to us. Perhaps the hurt has been serious enough to leave some lasting effects or even damaged relationships. And we too have hurt people intentionally or unintentionally.

Philemon was encouraged by Paul to forgive his servant Onesimus. Perhaps Onesiumus had stolen more than just time and opportunity from Philemon. We know for sure that he had abandoned Philemon and had now become a Christian under Paul’s teachings, just like Philemon.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that people can walk all over you. Rather it is something that you give or receive. Often times we need to set up boundaries to keep offenses from reoccurring.

Again this week, we have a personal situation straight from the Bible that will help us to think through our forgiveness issues. I hope you can attend this week and be involved in an application Bible Study that discusses real issues.

Things to Think About and Ponder:
You and I have heard people say “I may forgive you, but I want forget.”  Is that really the forgiveness that Jesus spoke of?

How does forgiveness make you feel…when you give it….when you receive it?

What are some boundaries you (or others) have established? How are they working?

Is forgiveness for the individual who has been offended or for the offender?
Aren’t you glad for the forgiveness that Christ offers you?
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