A Child of God

Throughout July we have been examining various aspects of personal freedoms we enjoy through Christ. This weekend our focus is on our relationship to God as His children.

In the New Testament God is referred to as Father 216 times. Jesus addressed God as Father or Abba (Daddy) 14 times. Some have issues with the word father due to a poor relationship with their earthly father. One author reminds us that we may have it backwards. Our own dads are called father because they are supposed to be like God. In other words, God is the example and our dads should be like Him. Are you?

Since we are children of God, our lives should reflect Christ in all ways. 1 John 1 and 3 have great illustrations of God as light and love. His Light shines into our lives illuminating our wrong actions and attitudes. His Love brings forgiveness and restoration.

Things to Think About and Ponder:
If we are heirs of God…what do you think we are inheriting?

Confession means agreeing with God about the sin. “Yes God, I did or thought that”. Should confession be an on-going practice of Believers?
John says the world does not know Christ. What can you do to help change that? Think in terms of “your world” as well as other nations
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