Where is Your Treasure

How many storage units facilities do you see every day? Did you know that there is 2.2 billion sq.ft of rentable space which means that every American could have 7 ft of storage. How much money do you think people spend renting storage units to keep things they haven’t seen in years?

Treasure means different things to people. In Sunday Morning Bible Study we are  getting perspective on our possessions and this week our focus is our treasures. In Matthew 6, Jesus in the sermon mount teachings, gives several illustrations about our treasures. He speaks of things on earth as decaying, rusting, or even being stolen. Jesus states that for many people their heart follows their treasure.

In some latter verses of Matthew 6 Jesus teaches that our treasure should follow our heart. In other words, seek God first by looking at life from a heavenly viewpoint using our treasures to advance the kingdom of Heaven.

John Grund, in our teacher’s meeting, helped us to think about what Heaven was going to be like…—fabulously beautiful, great relationships, a garden experience—… a place where we will meet people who are in heaven because of what and whom Christians treasure. Jean Allen went on to say that we shouldn’t trivialize everything by “spiritualizing” it…but rather see things with “spiritual eyes” and then every decision we make would have kingdom impact.

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be provided for you.” Jesus Christ

Things to Think About and Ponder:
If there were a disaster in your home…what would you try to save?

How much is enough? What do you have that you can get rid of or share with someone else?
Is accumulating treasure or wealth wrong or misguided?

Why do you think Jesus teaches on treasure and worry in the same sermon?
How are you joining God in His work financially?
Is God meeting your financial needs?
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