Putting Possessions in Perspective

“Every month the bills come!…Why can’t I have that?… There is more month than there is money.” If you have ever said things like this then then our study in Sunday School is for you. “Putting Possessions in Perspective” promises to lead adults to adopt a balanced and Biblical view on how to live in a materialistic world.

This Sunday our focal passage is 1 Chronicles 29 which is extremely interesting and uplifting. The setting is King David praying to God about His generosity and His ownership of everything imaginable, even our treasures. David is desiring to see the Temple built and has made physical, material, and spiritual preparation for this edifice to be constructed. As you know, his son Solomon is credited for the erection of this edifice that stood hundreds of years.

But what can we learn?  One major truth is that our giving to God is based on our relationship with Him. When we love Jesus, we are going to acknowledge His preeminence over all aspects of our lives including our money. Obedience follows relationship and so does our giving.  Let me suggest some things to think about as you prepare for Sunday.

Things to Think About and Ponder:
What does your giving habits reflect about your relationship with Christ?

What does your attitude when you give reflect about your relationship with Jesus?

What are the benefits of praying over your checkbook/budget?

Is Jesus your primary consultant in your financial planning?
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