There are various styles of leadership. Some people use the same style every where they go while others adapt their leadership style depending on the situation.  Some followers prefer certain types of leaders while other followers flex with leadership and the mission of the project.

In this week’s Sunday Morning Bible Study, we see glimpses of Paul’s perspective on leadership from three interactions with churches. In 1 Corinthians 4, Paul speaks of spiritual leaders as managers of the mysteries. He comments on how faithfulness is the criteria by which we are evaluated by God. Paul even goes on to say how God brings light to the things hidden in darkness and reveals intentions.

This past week, I saw a neighbor speaking to two young men, wearing white and black and riding bicycles. Obviously LDS missionaries, these individuals were seeking to spread false doctrine. Paul in Galatians 1 clearly says that there is no other Gospel and even if an angel appeared and preached anything than the true Christ, that that angel should be cursed. (Paul’s language is mild in English).

As spiritual leaders, and we all are leading someone, we should be like a nurturing mother or a encouraging father in our leadership style (1 Thessalonians 2). This style of leadership will result in people loving Christ and growing in maturity in Him.

Things to Think About and Ponder:
What does it mean to you to be a manager of God’s mysteries?

God’s light changes darkness and reveals intentions of our hearts. What does His light reveal in your life? Is this encouraging or discouraging?

How do people change the Gospel to suit their lifestyle or opinions?
Who is like a nurturing mother or encouraging father to you?
Give God thanks for them and also let them know you appreciate them if you possible.
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