Being An Influential Leader

You have got to read the entire book!!!

Esther is one of the most intriguing, dramatic and unpredictable writings in the Bible. The story line of this book, set in the time of Israel’s captivity in Iraq, reads like a best seller or the latest movie.

Our focus this week is on Esther 4 & 8, in which we see how how God is working in the lives of Esther and  Mordecai as they lead and influence leadership.

We are all leaders in some form or fashion. We lead at work, at school and in our homes. Some have positional leadership, others have influential leadership, others have natural leadership qualities and still others have long -term or even short -term leadership opportunities. Whichever the case, we should all look to Jesus for direction as we fulfill His purposes in our lives.

Things to Think About and Ponder:

What leadership responsibilities do you have?  Work, Home, Family, etc.
What is your leadership style? What works well for you and for those who are following you?
Are there some areas you could improve upon with your leadership?
What leadership books, seminars, or training are available to you?
How can you be a better follower?
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