Encounter the Risen Lord

The Easter story is often taken for granted because of its familiarity. Yet I believe there is always something more to glean for the seeker of God. John’s account in chapter 20, focuses on believing this incredible and unnatural occurrence. To think that someone could rise from the dead is unheard of. But to realize that Jesus did just that for you and me is amazing. In fact words cannot describe it.

Last week, someone began sharing with me their thoughts on loving people and doing the right things. His philosophy was that the world was balanced, even cyclical and that one event causes another reaction. In so many words his witness to me was that doing good paid off in this life and the next. He was leaving out of his conversation the grace of Jesus. Too many people today believe in their own opinions about sin, forgiveness, life after death, etc.  As believers, it is not our opinions but rather what the Word of God says. John 20:31 states that the Bible was written so that “you may believe Jesus is the Messiah”.

This is the Easter message. That God Incarnate Himself took on our sin at the cross and gives us the hope of life with Him when we expire. Let’s observe, celebrate and share this message to our friends and family.


Things to Think About and Ponder:
Remember when your worst day became your best day because of Jesus?
How does the promise of Heaven affect your daily life?
Remember the Passion movie? Do you think movies like that accurately portray Jesus? What about some of the TV specials on right now?
How do you portray Jesus to others?
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