Recognize God’s Presence

GRIEF…Is it good? Can it be good? Those thoughts continue this week as we look at Psalm 31 in Sunday Morning Bible Study.

The writer of this Psalm is David who penned these words during the reign of Saul. He could have possibly put his emotions and thoughts into words after he fled the city of Keilah escaping Saul’s army (1 Samuel 23). David had delivered the city from its enemies only to find out that the citizens would now turn their “hero” over to Saul.

In his lament David shares how this grief, this sense of loss, affected him in the three distinct ways. Physically he states that he is worn out from sorrow evidenced in his eyes and whole body feeling like it is wasting away. Emotionally, David says he is consumed with grief and socially he feels like he has been forgotten.

And yet David knows that God is with him. He realizes that God has seen his grief and that he is under the “protection of His presence”. David remarks that God is in complete control of the course of all of our lives meaning that His presence is steadfast and sure.

Psalm 31:5 reads “into Your hand I entrust my spirit”. This is the same passage that Jesus quoted on the cross in Luke 23:46. When we trust our very being with God, we can rest assured that He will see us through whatever difficulty or grief we are experiencing.


Things to Think About and Ponder:
God delivers us either FROM troubles or THROUGH troubles. Remind yourself of God’s presence in either of these circumstances.
Grief is often overwhelming. Perhaps you are in the midst of grief now. Psalm 31:23-24 says “Love the Lord and be strong and courageous.” How can this help today?
Perhaps you know someone who is grieving. What would God have you do as an expression of His comfort?
Faithful Love (hesed–Hebrew
) is a central theme in both the Old Testament and this chapter. How have you experienced God’s love? How do you express your faithful love to Him?
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