Balance Grief With Hope

GRIEF…Is it good? Can it be good?

Grief occurs whenever there is a sense of loss. We often think of grief during times of bereavement, but grief occurs when people move, job changes, relationships dissolve, and any other occasion where loss occurs. Grief is a normal part of life. How we handle grief is really the issue. Wouldn’t you like to know some spiritual truths about how to deal with grief?

This month in adult Sunday Morning Bible Study we are looking at what the Bible says about grief. Selected passages from throughout the Scriptures along with our commentaries and class discussion will challenge and inform us as well as prepare and comfort us.

This week (John 11), we read how Jesus dealt with the death of a close friend. As you read this passage, look at the emotions that many exhibited or spoke. Think of the compassion Jesus had in contrast to how some thought that He did not care at all. Look for the double layer story line of how Jesus worked in this situation and also how He continues to work today. In other words see the temporal and the eternal.

On the video that we see at our weekly teacher’s meeting, the speaker told the legend of Lazarus going to Rome and speaking to Caligula the emperor. When the Caesar bragged of how he ruled by holding death over his subjects, Lazarus responded “death is dead.”  He didn’t fear death, nor do we have to fear it either. But death and other grieving matters will impact us. I hope that we each will know how to keep a Biblical pespective on the sadness that comes our way.


Things to Think About and Ponder:
What things do you already know about grief from your readings or experience?
Recall Kubler-Ross stages of grief—denial, anger, depression,bargaining, acceptance.
Is anyone in your group grieving now?
How have you experienced God’s comfort in your grief?
What is the promise of Jesus to you…to all of us?
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