Stay the Course

Several years ago, while playing church softball I made a resolve that changed the way I was going to handle a certain situation. The other team was extremely serious about the game and I resolved to “play hard ball” as well. God used this inspirational moment to help me to strategically focus on some issues and relationships. More happened on the field of play than just a softball game.

Peter instructs us this week in chapter 4 to resolve to arm ourselves with the same resolve that Christ had to do the will of the Father even though it meant suffering. As Christians, we are to be prepared for whatever attack, injustice, persecution, natural calamity that the world or even Satan throws at us.

As we see evidences of end time events in the world, we are encouraged by Peter in chapter 4 verse 7 to “be clear headed and disciplined in prayer.” Also, we know that “love covers a multitude of sins” and so Peter says to love each other with full strength.

Everyone of us suffers from something at some time in our lives. Read this chapter (1 Peter 4) and let God work in your life to help you find His joy.


Things to Think About and Ponder:
How does it make you feel… respond… resolve… knowing that Jesus suffered for you?
Our Scripture passage says our speech should be godly and our service should glorify God? How are you doing in this area?  How can you live up to this passage?
Why are meddlers included in the same list as murders and thieves in verse 15? What is the difference in suffering for being a Christian vs being like someone on the list above?
God judges the Christian and the un-Christian. What is your verdict? How about those you know?
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