Faith in Relationships

Is it harder for you to be a Christian in the world or in your home or at church? Reflect for a moment about that and it may help you as you get ready for our Sunday Morning Bible Study in 1 Peter 2&3.  In the passage this week, Peter tell us how we are to live in relationship in all three areas.

The ancient Christians were thought to be “atheists, cannibals, immoral and even terrorists”! Peter instructed them, and us, to live so that non-Believers could only say good things about Believers.

He also gives great instructions on how husbands should treat their wives as spiritual equals since they are “co-heirs the grace of life.” Praying and reading the Bible together as well as ministering to and with each other makes for the kind of marriage that the Bible speaks about. When Christ is the center of our lives, then He can become the center of our home and our family relationships.


Things to Think About and Ponder:

Think for a minute about how you come across to people. Do they mistrust you or do they think you are sincere in your beliefs.

How does your family see you? Do you become a “Jekyll and Hyde” Christian at home?

And what about other Believers? Are you showing them kindness and love or criticism and contempt?

We have a God who loves, forgives and empowers us to live the abundant life. Yield your life to Jesus and allow Him to live in and through you.

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