Faith Under Fire

Life can be difficult!  We all face situations, problems and circumstances that impact our lives and challenge our thinking, emotions and perhaps even our faith. That is exactly what was happening to the first generation Christians that Peter is writing to in his letter to the churches in Asia Minor.

And of course the Bible applies to that generation of Believers just as is applies to our generation. Some of the phrases that Peter uses like “living hope”, “imperishable”, “uncorrupted”, “unfading” and “inexpressible and glorious joy” all speak volumes to each of us.

I think that we all will benefit from our month long study of 1 Peter on Sunday mornings.Read through the first chapter as you prepare for Sunday and allow God to speak to your heart and give you His everlasting hope.


Things to Think About and Ponder:
How does hope in Christ affect the way you handle life? struggles? joys?
Peter uses the illustration of gold being refined. How are you more pure because of the trials you have experienced?
Sometimes we forget that the Holy Spirit lives within the Believer. Let this be a reminder. Tell Him how much you love and need Him.
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