God’s Love Engenders Trust

Hosea 11 has been called the greatest love chapter in the Old Testament.  The reason is because of Hosea’s portrayal of God as a loving Father.Throughout cultures of that time and since, gods were viewed as something to fear or manipulate. Here for the first time, the Israelites were being shown a different way to view God.

As you recall from previous Sunday Morning Bible Studies, Hosea showed how God was like a loving husband wanting Israel to return to Him. Now, God is seen as nurturing Father and we are described as infants learning to walk. The imagery is incredible as we think of Almighty God holding our hand as if He is teaching us to walk.

The full revelation of God comes through Jesus. Up to that time, we had the Law and the Prophets. But over 2000 years ago, God became a man to reveal His true nature and love for you and me.  When we place our hands in the hand of Jesus, much like a toddler with his parent, we will experience the forgiveness and salvation that Jesus Christ offers. We will truly see God.

Things to Think About and Ponder:
Remember when you called your child and they kept running. This imagery is in Hosea 11. Do you hear God calling you? How are you responding.
How does it make you feel knowing the God is reaching out His hand to help you in your walk?
Hosea 11:9 says “I am God and not man.” Are you ever like a god in the sense that you think you are in complete control. How can you let God be God in your life?
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