Love to the Unlovely

So often we come to understand more about God during a family crisis. This was the case with Hosea a prophet (and book) in the Old Testament. During February you and I will have opportunity to read and study how God revealed himself in a different way to Hosea and Israel and continues to reveal His loving nature today.

Hosea is best understood when we grasp the religious practices of Baalism, the agricultural mindsets, and the threats from surrounding nations.  The worship of Baal had become part of the Israel’s way of worship and life. Baal and his female counterpart Asheroth had religious structures throughout the land usually on a hill.  The Israelites would give honor to Baal thinking that this wood/stone idol would provide fertile land, rain and sun for their crops. They worshiped both Baal and God.

Because the worship was based on fertility, the behavior of the men and women crossed the lines of monogamy. (I am choosing my words carefully.) It is in this case that Hosea found his wife Gomer, giving herself and participating in Baal worship. His story of broken love, becomes illustrative of Israel rejecting God. Before prophets spoke from a standpoint of impending judgement. Hosea’s story speaks of the love of God for you and me and of his forgiveness if we return to Him.

Things to Think About and Ponder:
How would you describe the steadfast love of God?
Someone said ” We are Gomers” What do you think that means?
What was it like when someone forgave you recently?
Is there anyone you need to forgive?

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