“Stand by the roadways and look.. Ask about the ancient paths which is the way to what is good? Then take it and find rest for yourselves.” Jeremiah 6:16

When you think about people who have sacrificed for you…who comes to mind? Parents, teachers, spouse, children, those in the military and the list goes on.

Certainly from a Christian viewpoint, Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice of giving up His throne in Heaven to become a human and then to die on a cross. Thank God that He is Lord over death and that we too may live as Believers. And thank God that His sacrificial death on the cross removes our sin if we confess and profess Him as our Savior.

Our passages this week in Sunday Morning Bible Study are from Luke 9 & 21 and also from Romans 12. Our study addresses our commitment to Christ as well as how we express that commitment with our lifestyle.  Words like deny self, take up the cross, following, transformed, and renew, are all found in the passages. They each carry loads of meaning that we will benefit from in our study and conversations this weekend.

The study includes a passage in Luke 21 where Jesus was at the Temple watching the behavior patterns of people giving their offerings. In this passage He pointed out the true meaning of sacrifice. Jesus cited the motives of those who gave loudly  in contrast to those who gifts were truly a sacrifice. Our attitude and commitment is more important to Christ than what we pretend to be, to say, or give with impure motives.

Our commitment to Christ begins each day as we chose to follow Him. As Christians, we should be keenly aware of whether we are following our own desires or whether the Holy Spirit is leading us. Jesus calls for total commitment from each of us. We are to be “living sacrifices” and then we will know the will of God.

Things to Think About and Ponder:
What excuses have you used when you chose your way instead of His way?
How do you feel when you your heart/life/walk is right with God?
Remember a time when sacrifice was evident in your life.
What, if anything, do you need to sacrifice to know God’s will?
What has following Jesus cost you …at work…socially… or with your family?

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