A Lifestyle of Service

“Stand by the roadways and look.. Ask about the ancient paths which is the way to what is good? Then take it and find rest for yourselves.” Jeremiah 6:16

This past week Brant on Way-FM was answering a listener looking for guidance about Haiti. The listener was being told by others that God was punishing Haiti. Brant indicated that the sins of those in poverty or desolation stand out quicker than others who are sheltered with plenty. His major point though, was that God’s judgement was on the nations, the people, who did nothing to help the poor, the sick, those in prison, and the stranger. Brant’s challenge and admonishment was to be involved in helping the people of Haiti. He referred to the passage of Scripture on serving we are studying this week in our Sunday Morning Bible Study.(see Matthew 25: 14-30 & 31-46)

It seems that Jesus was trying to help not only His disciples but the religious leaders of His time to see that service to others is a lifestyle. It is not a Christmas project but rather a daily/weekly pattern of life. In the money parable in Matthew 25, Jesus spoke in terms of using our opportunities for service, of investing wisely, of reproducing what the Master has given us, of continuing the work of the Master.

Sheep and goats look alike in the field from a distance but when you see each one as the King saw them in Matthew 25:31ff you come to see their true heart. You remember that the King in the parable (God) asks about their (our) service. This parable indicates that our faith needs to be demonstrated, needs to be practical, needs to be a faith put into action. We as Believers are not called to sit and soak it all up but are to be the hands and feet of Christ as we deal with our fellow human beings.

Things to Think About and Ponder:
Who are some people you are serving?
How did you feel when others served you?
Strangers are people you have not yet met. Who can you begin a conversation with this week?
Look closely at the passage. Jesus says that He is more like the person being served than the one serving. (If you did it for the least…you did it for me). Give this some thought as the Holy Spirit leads you.

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